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A little about Hyspecs

Why build safety glasses? (a behind the scene's story)

Hyspecs founder, Peter, dreaded wearing safety glasses on the job.  They scratch easy, always fog up, and that hideous look they gave him ... ¡Ay, caramba!   He scoured the internet for something better but only to find disappointment, that's when the idea of making a new safety eyewear turned into an obsession.

He soon started to sketch out designs, and eventually Youtubing 3D modelling tutorials.  Three weeks later, the first concept was born!  ... but it wasn't until a full year of design testing and 26 iterations later, Peter got his first production Hyspecs in the mail. [It was a good day] Now he is stoked to share them with all you fine steezies!

Hyspecs was born out of a passion project which was, How to stop dreading safety glasses?  We should wear them because we want to, not because we are told to.  When you throw on a pair of Hyspecs, you'll experience the same feeling as if wearing your favourite pair of sunglasses: stylish and confident.  You'll wonder how can something good for you also makes you feel so good?.  

So go ahead treat yourself a pair!  Promise you'll never go back to your daddy's old safeties.




What does Hyspecs mean? (Wife said this part is too long, no one will read it ... so hit that Shop button already! :] )

When I was born, I was placed inside a box.  It was a nice box, it provided all the essentials like nourishment and security a child needed.  I was told that as long as I settled in the box, I would lead a safe and happy life.  All I had to do was to follow these simple steps: study hard (no dating before college), get a useful degree, find a job, work hard, buy a house, and start a family.  Fast forward three decades as I followed those exact steps, I was in the box, warm, well fed, and unfulfilled.  

It took me years to realize what was missing and what had to be done: I had to abandon my box.  As a child of an immigrant family, memories of my struggling parents building my box made the decision especially difficult. However, now as a father, I needed to show my son that it's important to tread his own path.  And it’s okay to take risks, to fail and feel vulnerable, because that is "living life to the fullest" and the only way to find out what you truly love doing.

I built Hyspecs with similar intention as my parents did when they immigrated to Canada, to create a better future for our family. Perhaps more importantly, I want it to be an inspiration for my son, to always choose courage over comfort, and to discover passion through perseverance.

Hyspecs is ultimately about loving what you do, but not only about finding it, it’s about the process and the struggle, it's about stepping out of your comfort zone and saying YES! to new adventures - it’s about stepping out of your box.

Thanks for being part of our story!


Yours Truly, 
Peter Wang ~ Director of New Adventures

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