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Meet Adrian

Meet Adrian

Meet Adrian, a devoted husband, a loving father, a generous friend and builder extraordinaire ... you get the picture, the guy's pretty awesome.  So when I told him I got my 1st shipment of Hyspecs and was going to need some GQ shots for the website, he of course didn't hesitate to lend out his "good side".

We took some casual photos behind his house.  Showing off the Iron Grey and Arctix Clear shades, and some clear blue-light frames.  We pretended to cut some 2x4's, half sanded some old chairs, hung some Christmas lights, and drank some delicious caffeine from Lukes.  It was an unusually warm November morning in Calgary.

Have a good one!


Butter Rum Blue Light

Iron Grey Shades   Arctix Clear Shades

Iron Grey Shades


From the People of Hyspecs Series.

By: Peter Wang - Director of New Adventures


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